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In coming to understand his purpose through music, fashion and film, Kyleeil knows that his voice matters and is following his intuition to resume building on the foundation laid before him. 

The singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, model, designer, filmmaker and music producer has taken the initiative to expand his creativity and nearly do it all independently. Creating a balance of variety and unity, he’s leading the soundscape into a greater direction.

The 90’s era in particular stimulates his innovation tremendously and through studying, established a deep interest in the approach of pioneers such as Aaliyah, Missy Elliott and Timbaland to name a few. His circumstances motivated him to accommodate his passion for visual and performing arts by simply wanting to be more.

He’s using his influence to be an impeccable representation for boys and girls globally. In continuing the fight against those that try to belittle his identity, he infers that we did not come from nothing, but from something that will not be lost nor forgotten.

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